Pirate treasure guide

Follow the docks southwest until you find Captain Tobias and pay him 30gp to travel to Karamja. Teleport, or travel to Falador. Say you' ll bring him a bottle and he' ll inform you that actually getting a bottle off of Karamja will be difficult due to Customs office rules. Talk to Redbeard Frank on the Northern dock of Port Sarim, just south of the bar, and tell him you' re in search of buried treasure. Pirate' s Treasure/ Quick guide. , Do not leave the island yet or. Jump to: navigation, search. Pirate treasure guide. Go upstairs in the bar, and look for a chest in the south- western room.

( 1) The Smuggling Job Head inside the pub. Pirate' s Treasure ( # 16) Members only: No Release date 11 June Quest series. Use the key you got from Frank on the chest to obtain a pirate message. This quick guide has an in- depth guide here. Be sure to read the clue.

Twist the Knife 8. The Tempest Crown 7. , Buy one Karamjan rum from Zambo.

Talk to Redbeard Frank the pirate, he will tell you about the treasure. The Pirate' s Treasure 6. Getting started Talk to Redbeard Frank just outside Port Sarim' s pub. Say that you want to get the treasure and he will ask you to get him some Karamja rum. ( 1• ), Walk along the docks, pay 30 coins to either Captain Tobias, Seaman Lorris or Thresnor to go to Karamja.

The entire quest is completed in Tiragarde Sound. ( Talk to the men in blue on the south docks. I misread the guide and actually queued for Freehold, but the quest is not actually inside the dungeon. ( 1• 1), Travel to Karamja for 30 coins.

Comment by Mypciscraze Hi all. It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline. Pirate treasure guide.
Captain Redbeard Talk to Redbeard Frank on the northernmost Port Sarim dock. Items required: Spade, pirate message, and a weapon ( optional but recommended). It will give you a clue to the treasure' s location. From Old School RuneScape Wiki < Pirate' s Treasure. ) The Island of Karamja Head west to the Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers bar and buy one Karamjan rum for 30 coins.

Frank will agree to tell you the location of some treasure in return for a bottle of Karamjan rum. Once there, go west to the bar and buy a bottle of Karamjan rum which for 30gp.