Guidad meditation youtube

Mar 09, · This guided meditation will gently ease you into a state of blissfully deep relaxation. Contemplative Journeys is a guided meditation that shares the wisdom of Heraclitus, Hafiz, and Gandhi in brief spoken word excerpts as ready by Kate Miller interwoven with music by Michelle Qureshi No matter what troubles you face in your life, or even if you simply seek some quiet relaxation time for yourself, there is a guided meditation that would be perfect for you. Guidad meditation youtube.
I have collated 10 of my favourite guided meditations, all of which are free on YouTube. If you enjoy our work and would like to support the channel, please consider purchasing one of our. Sep 05, · Denna självsuggestion kan användas som avslappning, för att komma i kontakt med sitt högre jag, eller för att expandera sitt medvetande genom att uppleva fenomen bortom vår 3- dimensionella. Have a flick through the.