Ao buffing guide

“ Rifle‿ and “ Aimed of SHOT‿. Anarchy Online Universe is hosted by: Khuri' s Media and IOS- Solutions. For armor that adds bonuses to other Skills, search for the skill on its skill section page: eg Body Development on the Body and Defense page. Most buffs only modifies one or two weapon skills. For that please have a look at the Buffing Guide.
This is a list of armor that adds bonuses to Abilities. Ao buffing guide. • Melee Weapons • Melee Specials • Ranged Weapons • Ranged Specials • Nanos and Casting • Exploring • Combat and Healing • Trade and Repair •

Items listed in this article are limited to buffing items that exhibit few requirements or meaningful combinations of it, like e. The wrangles on the other hand increases all weapon and nano skills ( Note: Only weapon skills, not specials. : [ Personal Edition G1- Pro X]. If you log on you will be able to save your implant configurations. ) making it one of the most sought after buffs in game.

It is short in duration ( 3 minutes) and debuffs the trader casting it for the same duration ( the Shadowlands Umbral Wrangler is an aura and refreshes. This guide will only deal with Equipment, Perks and Research and not any of the nanos that contribute to your treatment. Guides: Buffing Guide.

Item database; Breed ability caps; Character info; Character stats; Damage calculator. As reference the Sentinels personnel edition G1 - row with MG/ SMG, but with Int+ 30 max.